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Pendant Lamp Collection


COFFIRE pendant lamp uses recycled coffee grounds as the sustainable pigment to form random porcelain surface patterns and textures through the innovation of the ancient pit firing technique from pottery making.

During the low temperature (below 1000℃) firing process, the interaction between the biodiesel and the sugar in the coffee grounds , which oxidized to red matter, leave on the surface of the ceramics to form pink random texture, because the surface texture is influenced by many variables, such as temperature, humidity, coffee grounds density, etc.


 The temperature test

未命名 (14232 - 1).jpg

 The recipe test


 The transmittance test


The production steps

COFFIRE project replaces the traditional sand pit by gas kiln for two reasons. First, it can achieve mass production, solving the problem of high waste rate of traditional pit firing. Second, the translucency of porcelain can add a form of presentation to the texture effect of the surface.

This design of smoking pottery studies the application of sustainable material, cleverly combining with the aesthetic manifestation of the material application so that each product is unique.



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