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Plates Collection is based on ceramic plates made from a mold with an upper and lower two-piece structure. By inserting waste fabric (cuttings) of different textures into the mold, the final ceramic body is printed with traces of fabric. Different waste fabric textures and the different placement positions result in different final visual effects of the plate patterns.

Making process

The purpose is to achieve a major transformation of the final product by changing a small part of the manufacturing process amid the current mass production of daily-use ceramics. To be specific, the appearance of each product is unique. Of course, the secondary utilization of waste fabric is also effectively realized.

At the top of the plate, the gap between pieces of cloth formed when the mold is turned over is filled by the traditional Japanese lacquer hand-mixed silver powder, generating a sense of sight of Kintsukuroi. The organic combination of lacquer art and industrialized production of daily-use ceramics achieves a balanced relationship between traditional handicrafts and modern mass production.

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